THE COVER NIPPON, is a Made in Japan craft store in Roppongi, Tokyo. From a wide range of selected items for gifts and souvenirs, the store also lines ups special items that you can only find here. Tableware, Japanese Kimonos, antiques, furniture…all the high quality and valuable products are thoughtfullyselected from all over Japan.
For present wrapping, special Japanese style wrapping with Japanese paper and Furoshiki (Japanese traditional wrapping cloth) is available. Please come and find your favorite item at THE COVER NIPPON.

Experience the Traditional Japanese Culture

At THE COVER NIPPON, we offer group lessons that you can experience Japanese culture.The contents vary such as a Kimono lesson that you do in the shop or a tour that you visit the actual production site. The contents can be customized upon your needs, so please feel free to contact us for any inquiries or requests.
・Experience tea ceremony in the shop.
・Get your own kimono, get dressed, and go out!
・Visit the textile factory and experience the production procedure.
・Visit the sake brewery, and taste the freshly brewed sake.

We have a variety of Byobu (Folding screen), from a tall home decor size to a mini desktop size which is perfect for souvenirs, as well as some rare antique Byobus.

We have a variety of Byobu (Folding screen), from a tall home decor size one to a mini desktop size one perfect for souvenirs, as well as some rare antique ones.

Not only ready-to-wear kimonos we also accept custom-made order. Kimono dressing is available, too. We also have a selection of antique Kimono obi (Kimono belt) that can be used as beautiful home decor.

Seasonal and special edition sake are available from all over Japan. It is a great gift for everyone since you can enjoy sake with any cuisine as well as Japanese.

Parquetry is woodwork with a wonderful mosaic made by woods with different natural colours. You can find various parquetry items such as tray or jewellery boxes.

For gifts, “Froshiki” wrapping is available, which is a unique wrap style in Japan.
Variation of colors and patterns with traditional lucky motifs are lined up, so you can find the perfect design for your gift.

Made in Japan Special Book

『Made in Japan Special Book -Japanese Masterpieces of Technology and Tradition』(Issued December 2018), is a book about Made in Japan products that Japan boasts to the world, written both in Japanese and English. In this book, a selection of items that THE COVER NIPPON selected is featured for more than 50 pages. How about this book as your guide to choose your favorite Japanese craft?
※Book is available at the store.
Book Title: Made in Japan Special Book
Price: ¥980 +Tax


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